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"Poor record keeping to blame for inaccurate water testing" (ABC12, 2015). Many Americans are unaware of proper techniques for organizing records. Record keeping can be beneficial in many situations. Therefore, teachers who choose to include record keeping in their curriculum can influence their learners positively. A 2012 study by Ford, Tarpley, and Frazier at Tarleton State University examined the usefulness of the Agricultural Experience Tracker (AET), an online record keeping system, to modernize the pre-service teacher curriculum. Each student was given an account to keep their records. They found students were motivated to record their activities and were prepared to utilize AET in their classrooms. Given other studies conducted throughout the years, the purpose of this study was to describe pre-service teachers’ perceptions of preparation to implement the AET record keeping system into their high school curriculum. This study utilized qualitative content analysis on transcripts of a structured focus group of the population to identify themes related to research objectives. In February 2017, a focus group was conducted with ten pre-service teachers in the agricultural science education program at The Ohio State University serving as the population for the study. The participants provided their perceptions of preparation to implement the AET record keeping system into the high school curriculum. The focus group debriefs were all transcribed by a third party to ensure trustworthiness of results. Participants indicated that the AET course prepared them with a basic level of knowledge to use AET. The preservice teachers also asserted that they wanted to learn more. They demonstrated positive feelings after implementation of AET during student teaching while sharing a willingness to continue implementation of AET. Implications of this research could be used in further studies to prepare pre-service teachers to teach record keeping skills through AET.

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Relación: [References] The Ohio State University. Department of Agricultural Communication, Education, and Leadership Undergraduate Research Theses; 2017

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