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Operational Quality Control (QC) checks are standard practice in clinical trials and ensure ongoing compliance with the study protocol, standard operating procedures (SOPs) and Good Clinical Practice (GCP). We present a method for defining QC checks as distributed queries over case report forms (CRF) and clinical imaging data- sources. Our distributed query system can integrate time-sensitive information in order to populate QC checks that can facilitate discrepancy resolution workflow in clinical trials.

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Nichols, Nolan -  Detwiler, Landon T -  Franklin, Joshua D -  Brinkley, James F - 

Id.: 53272961

Versión: 1.0

Estado: Final

Tipo:  pdf http://sigpubs.biostr.washington.edu/archive/00000252/01/nichols-cri-2011.pdf -  other http://sigpubs.biostr.washington.edu/archive/00000252/02/nichols-AMIA-CRI-2011-Poster_final.pdf - 

Palabras claveSIG Publications - 

Tipo de recurso: Conference Poster  - 

Tipo de Interactividad: Expositivo

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Formatos:  pdf http://sigpubs.biostr.washington.edu/archive/00000252/01/nichols-cri-2011.pdf -  other http://sigpubs.biostr.washington.edu/archive/00000252/02/nichols-AMIA-CRI-2011-Poster_final.pdf - 

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Fecha de contribución: 18-oct-2016



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