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A study of the economics of fish farming in the Owerri Agricultural zone of Imo State was carried out. Simple random sampling technique was used in the selection of 30 fish farmers from the zone. Data were collected using structured questionnaire while descriptive statistics and multiple regression analysis were used for analysis. The study showed that majority of the farmers (51.20%) intensively managed their fish farms which were mostly homestead concrete ponds. The application of cost and return analysis showed that fish farmers in the zone made positive net gain from the two different pond types studied, with 4.22% in homestead pond and 49.13% in commercial concrete pond. The study recommended that investors and fish farmers should adopt intensive fish farming in commercial concrete ponds as it was found to be very profitable.

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Adaka, G.S. -  Nlewadim, A.A. -  Ibekwe, U.C. -  Ebonumah, R.C. - 

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Fecha de contribución: 06-mar-2018



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