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The snail species, Oncomelania quadrasi, is found abundantly in fresh water fish ponds of Punjab. It is an intermediate carrier / host of various digenetic trematode parasites which causes many serious fish diseases in aquaculture ponds. The purpose of this study was targeted for controlling these snails in aquatic environments through chemical control strategies using copper sulfate as an eradicant. Mainly three trials were conducted to determine the effectiveness of copper sulfate against this snail sp. in laboratory aquaria conditions. Trial I involved the copper sulfate treatment sprayed directly for reductions of snails present on the upper moist layer of soil. Trial II was demonstrated for reductions of the snail densities buried under the depth of 8-16 inch layer of soil. Trial III was managed to study the copper sulfate toxicity on the survival of snails and Labeo rohita present together in the same aquatic media. The study indicated that copper sulfate was effective for eradication of the snails in all conditions whether present on the wet edges / moist soil surfaces, buried in the soils or present in the aquatic environment with fish, however, with varying degrees and intensities.

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Kashifa Naghma, W. -  Zehra, K. -  Nasir, H.N. -  Imtiaz, B. -  Sikender, H. - 

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Fecha de contribución: 18-jun-2018


* Kashifa Naghma, W. and Zehra, K. and Nasir, H.N. and Imtiaz, B. and Sikender, H. (2017) Effect of copper sulfate on eradication of snail’s specie [sic], Oncomelania quadrasi, in aquatic habitats having Labeo rohita as a selected fish. Iranian Journal of Fisheries Sciences, 16(2), pp. 800-814.

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