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The partial root-zone drying (PRD) irrigation technique has been proposed for viticulture as a possible way to save water without compromising yield. Half of the plant root system is slowly dehydrating whereas the other half is irrigated; after about two weeks the opposite side of vines is irrigated. A PRD irrigation system (50 % of the crop evapotranspiration - ETc) was installed in a vineyard (Vitis vinifera L. cv. Castelão) in Southern Portugal and compared with two other irrigation systems, deficit irrigation, DI (50 % ETc) and full irrigation, FI (100 % ETc), as well as with non-irrigated vines (NI). Water was applied twice a week, from fruit set (mid-June) until one week before harvest (September 3). While FI vines remained well watered during the ripening period, a severe water stress developed in NI plants. PRD and DI vines exhibited mild water deficits during the same period. A significant decrease in vegetative growth (shoot weight, pruning weight, leaf layer number and percentage of water shoots) was observed in NI and PRD vines when compared to DI and FI. In denser canopies (FI and DI) berry temperature was always lower than that of the more open ones (NI and PRD). The higher degree of cluster exposition in PRD and NI had a positive influence on berry composition due to temperature and incident radiation, leading to higher concentrations of anthocyanins and total phenols in the berry skin compared to DI and FI vines. Irrigation did not significantly affect berry sugar accumulation and pH in berries. Compared to FI, PRD and DI treatments water use efficiency (the amount of fruit produced per unit of water applied) was doubled since at the same yield the amount of water applied, was reduced by 50 %.

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Santos, Tiago P. -  Lopes, Carlos Manuel Antunes -  Rodrigues, M. Lucília -  Souza, Cláudia R. de -  Silva, Jorge R. -  Maroco, João -  Pereira, João Santos -  Chaves, Maria Manuela - 

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* Vitis, 44 (3), 117-125
* 0042-7500

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