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The distinguished character of Particularly Sensitive Sea Areas (PSSAs) is that every application for PSSAs must be accompanied by Associated Protected Measures (APMs) which can make PSSAs efficient in practice.1 That is why APMs are regarded as the core feature of every PSSA.2 APM is “an international rule or standard that falls within the purview of an international maritime organization (IMO) and regulates international maritime activities for the protection of the area at risk.” So far, APMs have been approved by IMO as following: -Compulsory or recommended pilotage -Mandatory ship reporting -An area to be avoided -Traffic separation schemes -Discharge prohibition or regulations -Mandatory no anchoring areas -Deep water routes -Emission control areas (PDF contains 5 pages)

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Relación: [References] http://nsgl.gso.uri.edu/coastalsociety/TCS22/papers/Guan_papers.pdf
[References] http://aquaticcommons.org/3907/

Fecha de contribución: 30-sep-2011


* Guan, Song (2010) Enforcement of associated protected measures in particularly sensitive sea areas. In: Shifting Shorelines: Adapting to the Future,The 22nd International Conference of The Coastal Society , June 13-16, 2010 , Wilmington, North Carolina.

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