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When two planes stacked one above the other are twisted, they provide a dynamic pair of helical conformations with (M)- or (P)-helicity. We designed a three-layer cyclophane that consists of two such dynamic pairs: the top and middle planes, and the middle and bottom planes. Hence, several global conformations could be created for the overall molecule, e.g., double-helical forms with a pair with the same helicity [(M, M) or (P, P)], and a meso-like form with a pair with a different helicity (M, P). These conformations dynamically interconvert to each other in solution. Chiroptical properties were given by the helical-sense preference of the double-helical forms, which was brought about through complexation with a chiral hydrogen-bonding guest. In terms of the conformational energy in a complexed state, when a desirable relationship between double-helical and meso-like forms was attained, complexation-induced circular dichroism was enhanced at elevated temperatures and decreased at lowered temperatures.

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Hokkaido University Collection of Scholarly and Academic Papers  


Katoono, Ryo -  Obara, Yudai -  Fujiwara, Kenshu -  Suzuki, Takanori - 

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Fecha de contribución: 09-jun-2018


* Chemical science, 9(8): 2222-2229

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