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Anti-retroviral drugs and antibodies limit HIV-1 infection by interfering with the viral life-cycle. In addition, antibodies also have the potential to guide host immune effector cells to kill HIV-1 infected cells. Examination of the kinetics of HIV-1 suppression in infected individuals by passively administered 3BNC117, a broadly neutralizing antibody (bNAb), suggested that the effects of the antibody are not limited to free viral clearance and blocking new infection, but also include acceleration of infected cell clearance. Consistent with these observations, we find that bNAbs can target CD4+ T cells infected with patient viruses and decrease their in vivo half-lives by a mechanism that requires FcγR engagement in a humanized mouse model. The results indicate that passive immunotherapy can accelerate elimination of HIV-1 infected cells.

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Lu, C. -  L. -  Bournazos, S. -  Schoofs, T. -  Halper -  Stromberg, A. -  Horwitz, J. A. -  Nogueira, L. -  Golijanin, J. -  Gazumyan, A. -  Ravetch, J. V. -  Caskey, M. -  Nussenzweig, M. C. -  Murakowski, Dariusz Krzysztof -  Chakraborty, Arup K -  Sarkar, Debolina - 

Id.: 69632649

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[References] http://dx.doi.org/10.1126/science.aaf1279
[References] Science

Fecha de contribución: 12-feb-2017


* 0036-8075
* 1095-9203
* Lu, C.-L. et al. “Enhanced Clearance of HIV-1-Infected Cells by Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies against HIV-1 in Vivo.” Science 352.6288 (2016): 1001–1004.

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