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The flat oyster, Ostrea edulis, is the European endemic oyster species. Its production has been reduced because of overfishing and diseases including bonamiosis. Massive mortalities observed on the Pacific cupped oyster these last years explained the wish of shellfish farmers to diversify their production and their revival of interest for this patrimonial oyster species. However, bonamiosis due to the protozoan, Bonamia ostreae, is still a major problem for the production of this species. Measures to control the disease are limited and require a better knowledge of the interactions between the flat oyster and the parasite. Previous studies have suggested the involvement of apoptosis in flat oyster defense mechanisms against B. ostreae. This mechanism is involved in various biological mechanisms including defense against pathogens. In this context, the main objective of this PhD work was to better characterize the involvement of the apoptosis during interactions between the flat oyster and the parasite B. ostreae. In a first step, some tools were developed in order to study the apoptotic process at the cellular level using flow cytometry and microscopy as well as at the molecular level by measuring apoptotic gene expression. In a second step, these tools were used to study O. edulis-B. ostreae interactions in vitro and in vivo. Obtained results confirm the involvement of apoptosis in the response of the flat oyster to B. ostreae and demonstrate the ability of the parasite to inhibit the apoptosis pathway in order to survive and multiply within the hemocytes. Finally, the apoptotic response has been investigated in the flat and Pacific oysters after exposure to diverse micro-organism: OsHV-1, Vibrio aestuarianus and micro-algae.

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