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Haraz River is an important river in north of Iran. This river is one of the vital importances in Mazandaran province and cities of Amol, Babol, Fereidoon'kenar and Nour. This river is considered the largest and most beautiful tourist destinations of Mazandaran because it has the path and landscape of the mountainous and forest. This study was conducted for survey the coliforms and nematode eggs in runoff of Haraz River. Forty eight samples from four stations were taken during a year and samples examined for total coliform, fecal coliform and nematode eggs. The results showed that maximum and minimum of total coliforms in runoff was observed in Nourrod (3.1 ±1.95 CFU/100ml) and Shahrak Esar Amole (2.2 ± 1.77CFU/100ml) and also maximum and minimum of fecal coliforms was in Nourrod (1.6 ± 1.23 CFU/100ml) and Shahrak Esar Amole (1.2 ±.54 CFU/100ml) respectively. Also, the average annual number of nematode worm's eggs in the studied stations was varied between 30 in Nourrod to 124 ±41 in Shahrak Esar Amole.The results of this study showed that due to discharging of wastewater, sewage and runoff into the River result in decrease of water quality. Low quality of this river is caused distribution of microbial and parasites infections and is also contaminated of water used for agriculture, fish farms and horticulture.

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* Yaghoubzadeh, Z. and Safari, R. (2016) Evaluation of coliform bacteria and nematode eggs in Haraz River runoff. Iranian Scientific Fisheries Journal, 25(1), pp. 29-38.

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