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Major occurrences of hydrous alteration minerals on Mars have been found in Noachian impact craters formed in basaltic targets and detected using visible/near infrared (VNIR) spectroscopy. Until recently phyllosilicates were detected only in craters in the southern hemisphere. However, it has been reported that at least nine craters in the northern plains apparently excavated thick layers of lava and sediment to expose phyllosilicates as well and two Hesperian-aged impact craters, Toro and Majuro, bear evidence of phyllosilicates in the southern highlands. Turner et al. 2015 reported that hydrated minerals were identified in three Amazonian aged complex impact craters, located at 52.42degN, 39.86degE in the Ismenius Lacus quadrangle, at 8.93degN, 141.28degE in Elysium, and within Stokes crater. These discoveries indicate that Mars was globally altered by water throughout its past but do not fully constrain formation conditions for phyllosilicate occurrences which have important implications for the evolution of the surface and biological potential of Mars.

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