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The university extension in Brazil has initiated in the century XX, came back to the poor classes of the society. However, in the practice, this objective was not overtaked because the courses that the universities offer only interest to the graduated. After some years, by pressure for the own popular class, the courses have passed to reach their interests, however, with assistance characteristics because they were only palliative measures that do not influence in the politics formation for this people. And it stays in this way for many years until the 80s decade, the educators after many fights got to do emerge a new conception of extension. It was when appears the FORPROEX and with it the understanding that the extension can be another function: to contribute for social, politics and cultural formation to the communities with it is related and systemize of the academics knowledge. With this new way to do extension, rightly related with the poor communities, the university had the possible to surpass the assistance that serves only to keep the control and to contribute to soften the social problems. Based in the exposed above, the research has like general objective to examinate the impacts of the project Jovens com a Bola Toda conform their objectives proposed. The specifics objectives are: to identify the philosophy of the extension project JBT to the area Itaqui-Bacanga, and finally, to stimulate, by the reflection, the auto valuation in the other extension projects. How to the methodology used, we have: documental analysis to understand the philosophy of the project JBT; observation with the intention of learn if has and which the influence of the JBT in the actions of the subjects interviewed; interview to know if the objectives proposed in the documents of the project JBT are being overtaked. For this, we utilize like reference Ana Luisa Sousa (2000), Maria das G. Tavares (1997, 2001) and Roberto Gurgel (1986). We conclude that today the university lives together with the two conceptions of extension, being the assistance that is present in the majority of official documents. The project JBT already adopts the same conception to the extension for FORPROEX, because its members understand the importance of the relation university-society to the process of formation to the academics and to the least of the social problems. The project gets overtake the objective in this documents - to developing in the young, the social and educational principles, because the community of the area Itaqui-Bacanga elucidates that the project has influenced of a consubstantiated way in the formation of the adolescents. By the other side, the project appears like fundamental in the life of this people because does not have publics politics in this area and also by its social characteristic eminent risk of the use of drugs, to be an outcast, between others, and with this, the mothers look for all the possible mechanisms to occupate her children and with quality, like the case of the project JBT that offer sporting and educational activities.

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