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Creating inorganic nanowire hydrogels/aerogels using various materials and inexpensive means remains an outstanding challenge despite their importance for many applications. Here, we present a facile methodology to enable highly porous inorganic nanowire hydrogel/aerogel production on a large scale and at low cost. The hydrogels/aerogels are obtained from in situ hydrothermal synthesis of one-dimensional (1D) nanowires that directly form a cross-linking network during the synthesis process. Such a method not only offers great simplicity but also allows the interconnecting nanowires to have much longer length. The longer length offers aerogels with remarkable porosity and surface area extremely low densities (as low as 2.9 mg/cm3), are mechanically robust, and can have superelasticity by tuning the synthesis conditions. The nanowires in the hydrogels/aerogels serve both as structural support and active sites, for example, for catalysis or absorption. In this work, we have found that the as-grown hydrogels can be used directly as water filters to remove pollutants such as heavy metal ions and toxic organic contents. Our studies indicate that this method for nanowire hydrogels/aerogels production is not only economical but greatly augmented their applications in environmental, catalysis, sensing, absorption, energy storage, and beyond.

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* 1530-6984
* 1530-6992
* Jung, Sung Mi et al. “A Facile Methodology for the Production of In Situ Inorganic Nanowire Hydrogels/Aerogels.” Nano Letters 14, 4 (April 2014): 1810–1817 © 2014 American Chemical Society

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