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Funding the digitisation and unlocking of analogue audiovisual public service content: a look into Flanders and The Netherlands

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Pertenece a: University of Twente Publications  

Descripción: Traditionally, the debate regarding PSB funding consists of a division between culture and commerce. This discussion has been amplified by the recent trend of digitisation. Yet, this evolution’s reach stretches beyond the application of supplementary platforms and channels. In line with the digitisation of audiovisual workflows and the deterioration of analogue materials, broadcasters feel the increasing need of digitising their archives. Unfortunately this is a very costly venture that however holds a vast potential of reinforcing the PSB remit when properly unlocked. This article looks into the funding of two similar PSB’s digitisation and unlocking efforts: VRT (Flanders) and S&V (The Netherlands). Despite differing strongly in organisation and scope, both PSB’s currently have state aided digitisation programmes, seemingly conform to European regulation. Still, the actual, large scale residential unlocking is yet to take off in both cases. This article emphasizes the complexity of a state aided unlocking in respect to serving PSB tasks and the danger of disturbing the open market. A twofold unlocking is proposed with a commercial, market conform branch and a state-aided cultural branch, comprising less evident, yet valuable content

Autor(es): Courtois, Cedric -  Ongena, Guido -  Cannie, Hannes - 

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Fecha de contribución: 03-may-2012



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