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We show that any two trajectories of solutions of a one-dimensional fractional differential equation (FDE) either coincide or do not intersect each other. However, in the higher-dimensional case, two different trajectories can meet. Furthermore, one-dimensional FDEs and triangular systems of FDEs generate nonlocal fractional dynamical systems, whereas a higher-dimensional FDE does not, in general, generate a nonlocal dynamical system.

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Cong, N.D. -  Tuan, H.T. - 

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Palabras claveFractional differential equations - 

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Relación: [References] 0897-3962

Fecha de contribución: 11-nov-2017


* J. Integral Equations Applications 29, no. 4 (2017), 585-608
* doi:10.1216/JIE-2017-29-4-585

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