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Among the echinoderms, the Ophiuroidea comprise the most diverse class with more than 2,000 species. They occur in nearly any marine habitat, ranging from the poles to the equator and are distributed from the tidal zone down to several thousand meters of depths. Often, their similar morphology makes their species identification difficult. The present study was conducted in order to identify and evaluate the species-spectra of ophiuroids in the Chabahar Bay. Samples were collected from the intertidal zone of Tis port in the west of Chabahar in October 2013, where coarse sediments and pebbles dominate. The samples were examined in the laboratory based on several factors including dorsal and ventral disc and arms. Two representatives of the family Ophiothrichidae were identified: Ophiothrix savgnyi and Macrophiothrix elongata.

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Attaran Fariman, G. -  Beigmohammadi, A. -  Zadeh Abbas Shahhabadi, H. - 

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