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Objective: To obtain more insight into the process of potential implementation of a screening program, which aims to identify carriers of cystic fibrosis and haemoglobinopathies before pregnancy, in order to enable couples at high risk of having a child with these disorders, to make informed reproductive decisions. - Methods: Use of sociotechnical analysis, based on a model of co-evolution between technology and society, and, for comparison, the study of the implementation processes of two already existing health care programs with similar aspects to the screening program at issue. - Results: Factors important for success appeared to be the existence of sociotechnical niches, in which technological options can be developed and studied in an experimental setting; a structural approach of providing information to future parents; a party that can articulate demand; governmental involvement in the attunement between various stakeholders; and a screening infrastructure in which large-scale DNA diagnostic services are available. - Conclusions: Successful implementation of preconceptional carrier screening for cystic fibrosis and haemoglobinopathies will depend on changes at both regime and landscape level, including the establishment of a new preconceptional health care setting and a clearly visible public health authority which can coordinate, monitor and evaluate such an initiative in public health care.

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Achterbergh, Roos -  Lakeman, Phillis -  Stemerding, Dirk -  Moors, Ellen H.M. -  Cornel, Martina C. - 

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Relación: [References] http://doc.utwente.nl/78619/1/Achterbergh07implementation.pdf

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