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Immigration and foreigners: the immigrant as a political actor While States have historically denied the rights and obligations of immigrants, mainly because they have always seen them as outsiders, with no need for rights as they would return to their homelands, or as potential citizens with the same rights, the current historic situation is rather different: it is now more widely acknowledged that immigrants stay and also wish to uphold their own cultural practices. In a few words, immigration is seen more increasingly with greater conviction as a social, economic and cultural problem. Thus, from the perspective of the current historic moment, the objective of this article is twofold: on the one hand to address what political science can bring to the debate on immigration, and on the other hand to take a brief run through the history of the main issues on the political agenda regarding the participation of immigrants in public institutions. Finally, the author points out that some of these dilemmas support the thesis that we are in an era in which States transmit an "anxiety crisis", on encountering a phenomenon that poses more questions than convincing answers.

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Relación: [IsBasedOn] Diàlegs: revista d'estudis polítics i socials, ISSN 1138-9850, Vol. 5, Nº. 14, 2001, pags. 57-76

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