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The Working Group on the Effects of Extraction of Marine Sediments on the Marine Ecosystem (WGEXT) met in Norwich, UK, 24–27 April 2017, chaired by Ad Stolk, the Netherlands. Eighteen participants from ten ICES member countries attended the meeting. Contributions were provided by correspondence from Portugal, Estonia and Lithuania whose representatives could not attend. The objective of WGEXT is to provide a summary of data on marine sediment extraction (ToR A1), marine resource and habitat mapping, changes to the legal regime, and research projects relevant to the assessment of environmental effects (ToR A2). The data on marine sediment extraction will be reported annually. WGEXT previously defined nine other ToRs which WGEXT has identified as important issues to be addressed. Data reports (ToR A1) were discussed from 18 (of 20) member countries. Although not all of the member countries provided reports, the available data is thought to provide a representative assessment of the overall total of material extracted from the ICES area. The status of the other ToRs (A2 and B to L) were reviewed. WGEXT will hold next meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark, 16–19 April 2018, as guest of the Ministry of Environment and Food.

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ArchiMer, Institutional Archive of Ifremer (French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea)  



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