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We study the orbits of a polynomial $f\in \mathbb {C}[X]$ , namely, the sets $\{\alpha,f(\alpha),f(f(\alpha)),\ldots\}$ with $\alpha\in \mathbb {C}$ . We prove that if two nonlinear complex polynomials $f,g$ have orbits with infinite intersection, then $f$ and $g$ have a common iterate. More generally, we describe the intersection of any line in $\mathbb {C}^{d}$ with a $d$ -tuple of orbits of nonlinear polynomials, and we formulate a question which generalizes both this result and the Mordell–Lang conjecture.

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Ghioca, Dragos -  Tucker, Thomas J. -  Zieve, Michael E. - 

Id.: 55259223

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Relación: [References] 0012-7094
[References] 1547-7398

Fecha de contribución: 25-jul-2012


* Duke Math. J. 161, no. 7 (2012), 1379-1410
* doi:10.1215/00127094-1598098

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