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In a complementary field study, the concentrations of some metals (Cu, Ag, Pb, Zn, Ni, Co, Mn, Fe, As, Cd, Cr, Mg and Ba) were measured in clam Solen dactylus, sediments and water collected at two stations (Park-e-Qadir, 56° 20/ E, 27° 11/ and Nakhl-e-Nakhoda, 56° 23/ E, 27° 10/ N) of Bandar Abbas coastal waters of the Persian Gulf in November 2008 and February 2009 showing different contamination levels. Although there is little information on metal concentrations in macro-benthic animals in this area, this study, for the first time, reports the accumulation of some metals in S. dactylus in order to introduce this species as a bioindicator for this area. Results indicated that Mg and Fe were the two most abundant metals in clams and sediments. The maximum and minimum metal concentrations in clams belonged to Mg (3850-5040 µgg-1 dry wt) and Ag (0.30-0.40-0.58 µgg-1 dry wt), respectively. There was a significant relationship between the accumulation of metals in clams, sediment and water samples. A significant relationship between clam lengths and concentrations of Cu (positive) and Mg (negative) were observed. Our study also showed that variable metal concentrations were related to different sampling stations, seasons and their interactions as well. Bioaccumulation of metals in clams was significantly different for eight metal elements between start of the gametogenesis and ripeness stages. Our investigation indicated that the clam S. dactylus could be a useful bioindicator for Zinc.

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Saeedi, H. -  Ashja Ardalan, A. -  Hassanzadeh Kiabi, B. -  Zibaseresht, R. - 

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* Saeedi, H. and Ashja Ardalan, A. and Hassanzadeh Kiabi, B. and Zibaseresht, R. (2012) Metal concentrations in razor clam Solen dactylus (Von Cosel, 1989) (Bivalvia: Solenidae), sediments and water in Golshahr coast of Bandar Abbas, Persian Gulf. Iranian Journal of Fisheries Sciences, 11(1), pp. 165-183.

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