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(...)The mobility figures used in this thesis come from a national mobility survey carried out in Austria in 1995. I carried out a poll with employees and students in order to get results referring to my field of research - mobility at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration in general and its effects on the relocation. To ensure better opportunities of comparison with my own data, two separate studies concerning students and employees were used. The deviation between the different sets of data was only minimal. In general, public transport is made good use of, but employees also tend to use their cars. Biking and walking are rarely used options. While employees often have long ways to go and rather choose a direct way to their place of work, students often settle close to the university and are prone to trip chaining. Moving the university to a new building is definitely to be approved of. In this way all the departments can be located in one building and ways within the grounds can be shortened. Furthermore a new location provides the latest technical equipment and infrastructure. As the study shows, many students attend university several times a day and thus the Prater Park would surely add recreational value. Nevertheless the results also show that students and employees alike have ambivalent attitudes towards the -83- relocation as they are afraid of longer journeys. There is a high likelihood of them if the system of public transport is not better developed.(...)In conclusion one can emphasize that the relocation is a great opportunity to change traffic behaviour positively - towards ecofriendly public transport, biking and walking - and to make public transport more attractive through alterations or extensions. (author's abstract)

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