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Perspectives : rhetorical, feminist, mind-oriented, antimimetic -- Introduction : the approaches -- Authors, narrators, narration -- Time, plot, and progression -- Narrative worlds : space, setting, perspective -- Character -- Reception and the reader -- Narrative values, aesthetic values -- Responses -- James Phelan and Peter Rabinowitz -- Robyn Warhol -- David Herman -- Brian Richardson.

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Herman, David, 1962 -  Phelan, James -  Rabinowitz, Peter J. -  Richardson, Brian -  Warhol, Robyn - 

Id.: 55202828

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Estado: Final

Palabras claveLiterary Criticism / General - 

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Relación: [References] Theory and interpretation of narrative series

Fecha de contribución: 18-abr-2012


* 9780814251843 (print)
* 0814251846 (print)
* 9780814211861 (print)
* 0814211860 (print)

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