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Nicotine activates plasma membrane (PM) nicotinic receptors (nAChRs), but also permeates into the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) and cis-Golgi, and there binds to nascent nAChRs. Other psychiatric and abused drugs may also enter the ER and bind their classical targets. Further progress requires direct proof, quantification, and time resolution of these processes in live cells and in the brain of animals. Therefore, we are developing genetically encoded fluorescent biosensors to study the subcellular pharmacokinetics of neural drugs.

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Shivange, Amol V. -  Nichols, Aaron L. -  Borden, Philip M. -  Kamjaya, Aron -  Muthusamy, Anand K. -  Jeon, Janice H. -  Unger, Elizabeth K. -  Tian, Lin -  Marvin, Jonathan S. -  Looger, Loren L. -  Lester, Henry A. - 

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Relación: [References] http://resolver.caltech.edu/CaltechAUTHORS:20170929-092012776
[References] https://authors.library.caltech.edu/81917/

Fecha de contribución: 03-mar-2018


* Shivange, Amol V. and Nichols, Aaron L. and Borden, Philip M. and Kamjaya, Aron and Muthusamy, Anand K. and Jeon, Janice H. and Unger, Elizabeth K. and Tian, Lin and Marvin, Jonathan S. and Looger, Loren L. and Lester, Henry A. (2017) Nicotine in the Endoplasmic Reticulum. Journal of General Physiology, 149 (9). Art. No. 32. ISSN 0022-1295. http://resolver.caltech.edu/CaltechAUTHORS:20170929-092012776

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