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We experimentally demonstrate an on-chip polycrystalline PbTe photoconductive detector integrated with a chalcogenide glass waveguide. The device is monolithically fabricated on silicon, operates at room-temperature, and exhibits a responsivity of 1.0 A/W at wavelengths between 2.1 and 2.5 μm.

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Li, J. -  Huang, X. -  Richardson, K. -  Tan, D. T. H. -  Han, Zhaohong -  Singh, Vijay Raj -  Kita, Derek M. -  Monmeyran, Corentin Pierre -  Becla, Piotr -  Su, Peter -  Kimerling, Lionel C -  Hu, J. -  Agarwal, Anuradha - 

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* 0003-6951
* 1077-3118
* Han, Z. et al. “On-Chip Chalcogenide Glass Waveguide-Integrated Mid-Infrared PbTe Detectors.” Applied Physics Letters 109, 7 (August 2016): 071111 © 2016 Author(s)

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