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This research explores learning and democratic values in the peer-coaching service at the Institute of Education (IOE). The service, set up seven years ago, adopted a learning-centred model of coaching (Carnell, MacDonald and Askew 2006). An initial evaluation of the service focused mainly on benefits to the coachee (Hargreaves 2007). To date, there has been no study into how learning is understood and facilitated by the coaches. This study builds on the work of the initial facilitators of the coaching group, Askew and Carnell 2011, by providing a detailed study into how learning is interpreted in practice. The study is set in the context of Adult Learning. In particular, aspects of Mezirow?s Theory of Transformative Learning are applied to illuminate the learning process. Six audio-recorded coaching conversations are analysed. A system of analysis is borrowed and developed from Conversation Analysis. The conversations are presented and analysed sequentially, before discussing approaches to learning, and values that appear to underpin practice. Findings suggest that despite following the same programme of professional development, coaches seem to understand learning differently resulting in diverse practice. Some appear to facilitate reflection on self. Connections between current and previous behaviour patterns are explored together with developing an understanding of where embedded beliefs and attitudes have originated. In other conversations, a goal-centred approach, focusing on completing specific tasks, is dominant. This research advances the argument for a learning-centred model of coaching leading to individual development, fulfilment and possibly better working practices. The thesis addresses a gap in research by exploring the practice of coaching as a model for supporting adult learning, identifying democratic values that underpin and give strength to, the transformative learning model. The thesis concludes with suggestions for coaches? professional development and thoughts for future research.

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