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We investigate the axion inflation model derived by polyinstanton effects in type II superstring theories. Polyinstanton effects are instanton effects corrected by another instanton and they can generate the modulus-axion potential with the double exponential function. Although the axion has a period of small value, this potential can have a flat region because its derivatives are exponentially suppressed by nonperturbative effects. From the view point of the cosmic inflation, such a potential is interesting. In this paper, we numerically study the possibilities of realizing the cosmic inflation. We also study their spectral index and other cosmological observables, numerically.

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Hokkaido University Collection of Scholarly and Academic Papers  


Kobayashi, Tatsuo -  Uemura, Shohei -  Yamamoto, Junji - 

Id.: 70078997

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Fecha de contribución: 22-oct-2017


* Physical review D, 96(2): 026007

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