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Advices to belgian residents in Ophthalmology. Consult principles : 1. Two preoperative consultations 2. Know the eye under the eyelid, know the context 3. Revisit your diagnosis and your indication 4. Take preop photographs 5. Prescribe a preop biology 6. Give inform & quote 7. Give consigns & prescriptions before the surgery 8. Use of a recap form : everything is well organized 9. Postop disponibility. Surgical principles : 1. Don't fall into calssical traps : laxity, globular eye, palssy, retrations... 2. Don't neglect the preparation 3. Operating Room Check List is proven safer 4. Sequence : disinfection, drawing, anaesthesia, taction 5. Know the techniques & alternatives 6. Be less traumatic as possible 7. The tumor first, than the reconstruction 8. Analyse everything suspect, be quick with children 9. Function > Aesthetics

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Relación: [References] ManaMa (Master after Master) in Ophthalmology, Brussels, Belgique (24 mai 2014)

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