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Three soil sample media (loamy, sandy and clayey) were used to culture earthworm, (Eudrilus eugeniae (Kinberg) in earthenware pots for ten weeks, under laboratory conditions. The aims of the research are to culture earthworms as replacement for fish meal, and to determine the best suitable soil medium for culturing and breeding of earthworms. Two sets of treatments were set up with the three soil samples; the experimental containing organic matter (cow dung) and the controls lacking organic matter. Watering was done every three days to keep the culture moistened. but not saturated. Results of the study showed that loamy soil had the highest number of earthworms harvested, followed by sandy and then clayey soil. Increase in number of harvested earthworms between the experimental and control groups differ significantly (P< O.05), with the experimental group having higher number of harvested earthworms. Loamy soil was the most favourable medium that enhanced the growth and survival of earthworms, when cultured under laboratory conditions, for fish meal replacement in aquaculture.

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* Ibrahim, B.U. and Auta, J. and Adebote, D.A. (2009) Production of earthworm meal for aquaculture. In: 24th Annual Conference of the Fisheries Society of Nigeria (FISON) , 25-28 Oct 2009 ,Akure, Nigeria, pp. 72-75.

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