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We describe the results of a hybrid matrix--Monte Carlo calculation of cascading of UHE cosmic rays through the cosmic background radiation fields over cosmological distances. We calculate the fl-ray and neutrino emission that results from the cascade, as well as the effect of cascading on the primary spectrum. We discuss the results for various cosmic ray injection spectra. 1 Introduction It was first noted by Greisen [1], and Zatsepin and Kuz'min [2] that the nucleonic component of UHE cosmic-rays above 10 20 eV will be severely attenuated in the cosmic microwave background due primarily to photopion production interactions with the low energy photons. The details of the propagation of the highest energy cosmic-rays through the universal background photon spectrum has lately received much scrutiny (see [3--6] and references therein). A general consensus has emerged that no particles should be detected above the cut-off, if they are produced at moderate extragalactic distances. Acc...

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