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Ultrathin bismuth titanate films (Bi2Ti2O7, 5-25 nm) are deposited onto SiO2/Si substrates by aqueous chemical solution deposition and their evolution during annealing is studied. The films crystallize into a preferentially oriented, pure pyrochlore phase between 500 and 700 degrees C, depending on the film thickness and the total thermal budget. Crystallization causes a strong increase of surface roughness compared to amorphous films. An increase of the interfacial layer thickness is observed after anneal at 600 degrees C, together with intermixing of bismuth with the substrate as shown by TEM-EDX. The band gap was determined to be similar to 3 eV from photoconductivity measurements and high dielectric constants between 30 and 130 were determined from capacitance voltage measurements, depending on the processing conditions. (C) 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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HARDY, An -  Van Elshocht, S. -  DE DOBBELAERE, Christopher -  Hadermann, J. -  Pourtois, G. -  De Gendt, S. -  Afanas'ev, V. V. -  Van Bael, M. K. - 

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Palabras claveOxides -  Thin films -  Sol -  gel chemistry -  Dielectric properties - 

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Relación: [References] 10.1016/j.materresbull.2012.01.001
[References] 000301994100001

Fecha de contribución: 08-oct-2014


* 0025-5408

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