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Fish Protein Concentrate (FPC) is a healthy, sustainable and high nutritive product that produced from fish and protein and other nutrients are more concentrated than in the fresh fish. The aim of this research is to study the sustainability of FPC produced from Kilka (combination of three Caspian Sea Kilka species, Clupeonella engrauliformis, C. grimmi and C. cultriventris which were not identified and processed separately) in VP (Vacuum Packaging) and MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) at different temperatures during six months of storage. According to result of chemical analysis performed, protein content was evaluated 91.2%, lipid 0.5%, ash 3.6%, moisture 2.3%, TVN 10 mg/100g and peroxide 5 meq/kg in the produced FPC before packing. Amino acids and fatty acids were also determined. Lipid amount in FPC after 6 months at 35°C in VP changed from 0.50 to 0.45 and in MAP (combined of 60% CO2, 30% N2 and 10% O2), decreased from 0.50 to 0.36. It was also detected that increase in temperature leads to more decrease in lipid content but it was not significant (P>0.05). Protein content of FPC has changed from 91.2% to 73.6% during six months at 35°C in VP and 69.4% in MAP. But at 5°C, protein contents were changed from 91.2% to 88.4% and 81.2% in VP and MAP, respectively; these changes were significant (P<0.05) but the decrease in MAP was again more than VP.

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Khoshkhoo, Zh. -  Motalebi, A.A. -  Razavilar, V. -  Khanipour, A.A. - 

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* Khoshkhoo, Zh. and Motalebi, A.A. and Razavilar, V. and Khanipour, A.A. (2012) Protein and lipid changes of FPC produced from Caspian Sea kilkas in VP and MAP during storage at different temperatures. Iranian Journal of Fisheries Sciences, 11(2), pp. 338-346.

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