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We are reporting on a design, construction and performance of photon-counting detector packages based on silicon avalanche photodiodes. These photon-counting devices have been optimized for extremely high stability of their detection delay. The detectors have been designed for future applications in fundamental metrology and optical time transfer in space. The detectors have been qualified for operation in space missions. The exceptional radiation tolerance of the detection chip itself and of all critical components of a detector package has been verified in a series of experiments.

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Sun, Xiaoli -  Kodat, Jan -  Blazej, Josef -  Prochzaka, Ivan - 

Id.: 69838294

Versión: 1.0

Estado: Final

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Palabras claveElectronics and Electrical Engineering - 

Cobertura:  Unclassified, Unlimited, Publicly available - 

Tipo de recurso: GSFC-E-DAA-TN30133  -  Journal of Modern Optics; Volume 62; Issue 20; 1703-1708  - 

Tipo de Interactividad: Expositivo

Nivel de Interactividad: muy bajo

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Fecha de contribución: 07-may-2017



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