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This article explores preservation of digital material in a library context with a focus on logical object modelling that takes both preservation and dissemination into account. The article describes normalisation of data expressed via a logical object model. This logical object model is designed to support the requirements for joint preservation and dissemination. Additionally the article includes a suggestion for a possible implementation that respects the logical object model. Formulation, of the requirements and possible implementation for a logical object model, is based on observation of current trends, as well as results from a research project on preservation strategies for libraries. The research project has been carried out at the Royal Library of Denmark, and it is based on a case study of a 10 year old web application containing the Archive of Danish Literature. The formulated requirements include e.g. requirements for many-to-many migration in preservation and requirements for homogenous navigation and social networking in dissemination. Many of the described observations and results have parallels to other types of material. These parallels are partly described, and thus the results can be used as a contribution to development of systems and strategies for preservation and dissemination in the new decade and beyond.

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