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Some reproduction characteristics of keeled mullet, Liza klunzingeri, were studied during Apr. 2003 to Feb. 2004 in Khuzestan waters of the Persian Gulf. A total of 836 samples were monthly collected from two fish landings of Bahrekan and Hendijan; 727 specimens were studied from point of sex determination, and 60 specimens were studied from the fecundity point of view. This species was found to have more abundance in autumn (esp. Oct-Nov). The samples composed of 89 (12.2%) male, 467 (64.2%) female and 171 (23.6%) immature; the sex ratio was M:F = 1:5. The advanced stages of maturity (4th & 5th) were found in October onward. The highest Gonadosomatic Index was in December and the lowest was in June. The maximum absolute and relative fecundities were 183040 and 2232, respectively; the minimum absolute and relative fecundities were 44700 and 582, respectively. The minimum and maximum egg diameter was 0.04mm (stage 2nd) and 0.75mm (stage 6th).

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Valinassab, T. -  Seyfabadi, S.J. -  Javadzadeh, N. -  Safikhani, H. - 

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* Valinassab, T. and Seyfabadi, S.J. and Javadzadeh, N. and Safikhani, H. (2007) Reproduction of Klunzinger mullet, Liza klunzingeri, in coastal waters of Khuzestan Province (Persian Gulf). Iranian Journal of Fisheries Sciences, 6(2), pp. 129-142.

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