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A reproductive biology study of blue swimming crab, Portunus segnis (Forskal, 1775) in the northern Persian Gulf and Oman Sea, was conducted from May 2010 to October 2011. The results showed that the annual sex ratio is not M:F=1:1, with 51.9 % female. All the five stages of ovarian development of P. segnis were observed throughout the year. The size of ovigerous crabs varied from 103 to 155 mm carapace width. This crab can spawn all year round with a spawning peak in mid-winter to early of spring season. The fecundity of ovigerous crabs ranged from 521027 to 6656599 eggs, with average fecundity of 2397967 eggs. The minimum carapace width (CW) of female crabs that reach sexual maturity was 92-138 mm and the length at which 50% of all ovigerous females was 113 mm carapace width.

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Safaie, M. -  Pazooki, J. -  Kiabi, B. -  Shokri, M.R. - 

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* Safaie, M. and Pazooki, J. and Kiabi, B. and Shokri, M.R. (2013) Reproductive biology of blue swimming crab, Portunus segnis (Forskal, 1775) in coastal waters of Persian Gulf and Oman Sea, Iran. Iranian Journal of Fisheries Sciences, 12(2), pp. 430-444.

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