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De La Rey rides (yet) again : Afrikaner identity politics and nostalgia in post-apartheid South Africa

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Pertenece a: Rhodes eResearch Repository   NDLTD Union Catalog  

Descripción: [From the introduction] In 2006 a relatively unknown South African artist with the stage name Bok van Blerk released his debut album called “De la Rey”. The album included a music video of the title track that calls upon the legendary Boer War general to save the volk (people) from the wantonly destructive strategies of the British imperial forces: the scorched earth policy and the subsequent internment of women and children in concentration camps. The British justified such extreme – some would say ‘genocidal’ – strategies so as to prevent non-combatants from supporting the irregular Boer soldiers. Although he did not believe that the war could be won on account of the overwhelming odds that the Boer forces faced, De la Rey still fought to the bitter end. Needless to say, he was on the losing side.

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Relación: [References] http://eprints.ru.ac.za/1491/

Fecha de contribución: 08-jun-2010


* Baines, G. (2009) De La Rey rides (yet) again : Afrikaner identity politics and nostalgia in post-apartheid South Africa. In: 15th Biennial IASPM International Conference, 13-17 July 2009, Liverpool, England. (Unpublished)

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