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The role of women in inland fishing communities in Nigeria have not been assessed or fully appreciated in the fishing industry in Nigeria. The role of women in the fisheries sub-sector is significant mainly in the post harvest activities such as sorting, preservation, processing, distribution and marketing of the fish products. The review highlights the fact that women not only make meaningful contribution to the socio-economic well-being of their households and the fishing but are also involved in other livelihood activities useful to their households and the community in which where they live. However, there are some constraints limiting women's involvement in fisheries and these range from socio-cultural, psychological to economic factors. It was therefore recommended that extension programmes on development issues should focus extensively on the post-harvest and livelihood activities in which women in inland fishing communities are mostly involved.

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* Owena, V.E and Nwabeze, G.O and Ayanda, J.O. (2007) Role of women in inland fishing communities in Nigeria: a review. In: 21st Annual Conference of the Fisheries Society of Nigeria (FISON) , 13 - 17 Nov 2006 ,Calabar, Nigeria, 406 - 408.

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