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We continue our study of the inventory accumulation introduced by Sheffield (2011), which encodes a random planar map decorated by a collection of loops sampled from the critical Fortuin-Kasteleyn (FK) model. We prove various local estimates for the inventory accumulation model, i.e., estimates for the precise number of symbols of a given type in a reduced word sampled from the model. Using our estimates, we obtain the scaling limit of the associated two-dimensional random walk conditioned on the event that it stays in the first quadrant for one unit of time and ends up at a particular position in the interior of the first quadrant. We also obtain the exponent for the probability that a word of length $2n$ sampled from the inventory accumulation model corresponds to an empty reduced word, which is equivalent to an asymptotic formula for the partition function of the critical FK planar map model. The estimates of this paper will be used in a subsequent paper to obtain the scaling limit of the lattice walk associated with a finite-volume FK planar map.

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Gwynne, Ewain -  Sun, Xin - 

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Relación: [References] 1083-6489

Fecha de contribución: 17-sep-2017


* Electron. J. Probab.
* doi:10.1214/17-EJP64

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