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Pleurotus ostreatus is not only the second edible mushroom worldwide but also a model fungus for delignification application, with the advantage of' growing on woody and nonwood y feedstocks. Its sequenced genome is available, and this gave us the opportunity to perform proteomic studies to identify the enzymes overproduced on lignocellulosic growth substrates. In the present study, the monokaryotic P.ostreatus was grown on poplar chips or wheat straw and the extracellular proteins were analyzed together with those from glucose medium. Using nano-Iiquid chromatography coupled to tandem rnass spectrometry or whole-protein hydrolyzate, over five-hundred proteins were identified. Thirty-four percent were unique or the straw cultures, while only 15 and 6% were unique of' the glucose and poplar cultures. respectively (20% were produced under the three conditions, and 19% were shared by the two lignocellulosic cultures). Serni-quantitalive analysis revealed that oxidoreductase represent the main protein type both in the poplar (39% of individual proteins) and straw (32%) secretomes. while carbohydrate-acting enzymes (CAZys) were only slightly over produced (14-1 %). La case 10 (LACC10) was the main protein in the two lignocellulose secretomes (10- 14%) and together with LACC2, LACC9, LACC6, versatile peroxidase 1 (VP 1) and manganese peroxidase 3, were strongly over produced in the lignocellulosic cultures seven CAZys were also among the top- 50 protein , but only CE 16 acetyl/cinnamoyl-esterase was overproduced on lignocellulosic When the woody and nonwoody lignocellulosic secretomes were compared, GH1 and GH3 Beta-glycosidases were more abundant on poplar and straw respectiyely and, among less abundant proteins, VP2 was overproduced on wheat straw. while VP3 was only found on poplar, The treated lignocellulosic substrates were analyzed by two- dimensional nuclear rnagnetic resonance (2D NMR), and a relative decrease of lignin to carbohydrate signals was observed in both samples, together with the disappearance of' some minor Iignin substructures and increase of sugar reducing-ends. We can conclude that oxidoreductases are strongly induced when P.ostreatus grows on both woody and nonwoody lignocellulosi subslrates One laccase occupied the first position in both secretomes. and three more were overproduced together with one VP and one MnP, suggesling an important role in lignocellulose degradation. Preferential removal of lignin vs carbohydrates was shown by 2D NMR, en agreement with the above secretomic results.

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Fernández -  Fueyo, Elena -  Ruiz -  Dueñas, F. J. -  López -  Lucendo, María F. -  Pérez -  Boada, Marta -  Rencoret, Jorge -  Gutiérrez Suárez, Ana -  Pisabarro, Antonio G. -  Ramírez, Lucía -  Martínez, Ángel T. - 

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* OxiZymes 2016 (8th European Meeting on OxiZymes) 3–6 July 2016 (Wageningen) Netherlands

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