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• In gynodioecious plants, females are expected to produce more or better seeds than hermaphrodites in order to be maintained within the same population. Even though rarely measured, higher seed production can be achieved through differences in physiology. • In this work, we measured sexual dimorphism in several physiological traits in the gynodioecious plant Geranium sylvaticum. Photosynthetic rate, stomatal conductivity, transpiration rate, water use efficiency and isotopic signatures were measured in plants growing in two habitats differing in light availability. • Females have been reported to produce more seeds than hermaphrodites. However, we did not observe any significant difference in seed output between the sexes in these experimental populations. Similarly, the sexes did not differ in any physiological trait measured. Seed production was strongly limited by light availability. Likewise, differences between plants growing in full light vs. low light were detected in most physiological parameters measured. • Our results show that the sexes in G. sylvaticum do not show any evidence of sexual dimorphism in physiology which concurred with the lack of sexual differences in seed output.

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Varga, S. -  Kytöviita, M. -  M. -  Adams, W. - 

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Relación: [References] http://eprints.lincoln.ac.uk/28709/
[References] http://dx.doi.org/10.1111/plb.12606
[References] 10.1111/plb.12606

Fecha de contribución: 09-sep-2017


* Varga, S. and Kytöviita, M.-M. and Adams, W. (2017) Sexes in gynodioecious Geranium sylvaticum do not differ in their isotopic signature or photosynthetic capacity. Plant Biology . ISSN 1435-8603

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