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Information on the population genetics of shrimp species in the Persian Gulf is scarce. There are few electrophoretic based study therefore the aim of the present study was to investigate genetic variation among population of the green tiger prawn, P. semisulcatus, in Bushehr waters, Persian Gulf. This is the first study on this species by RAPDs in this area. The input of research in the field of genetics has resulted in new technological advances that have improved the economic gains of shrimp production. A total of 50 P. semisulcatus were collected by R/V Lavar II from two major shrimp localities, Halaileh and Daylam, in August and September 2004. Genomic DNA was extracted from muscles using the modified mini preparation method. A set of 9 primers (Diotech MWG) were used to detect polymorphism among populations. The software package RAPDistance version 1.04 was used to analyse the data.

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Niamaimandi, N. -  Arshad, A. -  Siti Khalijah, Daud -  Ross Cheroos, Saed -  Kiabi, B. - 

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Fecha de contribución: 10-abr-2018


* Niamaimandi, N. and Arshad, A. and Siti Khalijah, Daud and Ross Cheroos, Saed and Kiabi, B. (2010) Short communication: Population structure of green tiger prawn, Penaeus semisulcatus (De Haan) in Bushehr waters, Persian Gulf. Iranian Journal of Fisheries Sciences, 9(2), pp. 337-341.

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