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Parasitic helminths cause serious and difficult to treat diseases in humans, animals and plants. A high percentage of the earth’s population, mainly in developing countries, suffers from helminth infections. Helminth parasites have a restricted lipid metabolism and must acquire simple undo complex lipids from their hosts for energy metabolism, membrane construction, and lipid-based signaling, the latter possibly also encompassing modifications of the host’s immune and inflammatory defense systems. These organisms produce and release an unexpectedly wide range of lipid binding proteins (LBPs) types structurally distinct from those of their hosts. Some will be associated with specialized external functions, including acquisition and distribution of nutrients. Yet others will be involved in modulation of the host’s local tissue environment, and its innate and acquired immune systems by secreted lipids and carrier proteins. It is important to note that antihelmintic drugs are partially hydrophobic and may require parasite’s own carrier proteins for reaching their site of action.

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Universidad Nacional de La Plata  


Ibañez, M. -  Rey, F. -  Pórfido, J. -  Silva, V. -  Franchini, Gisela Raquel -  Kennedy, M. -  Cooper, A. -  Smith, Bruce -  Córsico, Betina - 

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