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The frequency, age-onset and distribution of spontaneously deposited immunoglobulins (Igs) in glomeruli of Sprague-Dawley rats has been investigated. Groups of rats (n = 10) were examined at 4-7 day intervals from birth (presuckling) until 30 days of age. Findings were compared with circulating immunoglobulin concentrations in each age group. Immunoglobulins were undetectable in immature kidneys of newborn rats. However, as early as 5 days, scanty IgA and IgM deposits were observed predominantly in mesangial areas of mature glomeruli, corresponding to low circulating concentrations of these immunoglobulins. By contrast, glomerular IgG deposits were not observed until 21 days, despite relatively high concentrations of circulating maternal IgG from birth. Mesangial deposition of immunoglobulins increased with age. Absence of complement C3c or electron dense deposits associated with this mesangial localization suggests that immunoglobulins were not deposited as immune complexes. Accumulation of non-phlogogenic immunoglobulins in the mesangium of normal rats supports the concept that the mesangium is constantly perfused by circulating macromolecules and filtration residues. The results indicate problems of interpretation of the significance of endogenous immunoglobulin deposition in models of experimental glomerulonephritis, even in studies involving weanling rats.

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Goode, NP -  Davison, AM -  Gowland, G -  Shires, M - 

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* Goode, NP, Davison, AM, Gowland, G and Shires, M (1988) Spontaneous glomerular immunoglobulin deposition in young Sprague-Dawley rats. Laboratory Animals, 22 (4). 287 - 292 . ISSN 0023-6772

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