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In a country like Saudi Arabia, neither the resources nor the infrastructure for higher health education programs are available locally, and at the same time healthcare organizations are expanding dramatically. To overcome these deficiencies, institutions tend to establish several international collaborations in various healthcare specialties as needed. Supporting and encouraging the improvement of these collaborations in this part of the world is crucial. Understanding the processes that assist in building and sustaining effective collaborations will continue to be an important step in program design, implementation, and evaluation of these international collaborations. This study aims to explore the key factors that play a significant role in building, maintaining, and sustaining an effective international healthcare collaboration in graduate education programs. The specific study objectives are to: 1) define the best practices that contribute to effective international collaborations in the development of graduate education programs, 2) describe the challenges, particularly cultural barriers, to developing and implementing successful graduate education programs, 3) describe best practices for the design, implementation, and evaluation of new graduate education programs using international collaborations. The study used a concurrent mixed-methods research design, where quantitative and qualitative data collection occurred during the same time period. Data were analyzed separately and then combined for overall data interpretation. The results of this study were obtained from the 23 students (quantitative part) and from four leaders from King Fahad Medical City; in addition, a program director and a program manager at the University of Minnesota were interviewed (qualitative part). Among themes yielded from this study, only four themes and subthemes are discussed below. These themes are: 1) Cultural cognizance: Program content, understanding the local regulations, and avoid Cultural assumptions, 2) Unrelenting support and commitment: Dedicating resources, and participants’ commitment, 3) Need for a systematic communication pathway: Identified responsibilities, and linking with participants, 4) Best result from best selection: Selecting the partner, and selecting the participants. A key finding of this study is the importance of understanding the cultural differences between the two parties of the collaboration during all stages of the international collaboration. In addition, this study highlights that it is necessary for both parties of the collaboration to dedicate resources to support and make the collaboration sustainable. Likewise, the selection of the other party for collaboration is an essential pillar for such a project.

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