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The Malayer-Boroujerd plutonic complex (MBPC) in western Iran, consists of a portion of a magmatic arc built by the northeast verging subduction of the Neo-Tethys plate beneath the Central Iranian Microcontinent (CIMC). Middle Jurassic-aged felsic magmatic activity in MBPC is manifested by I-type and S-type granites. The mafic rocks include gabbroic intrusions and dykes and intermediate rocks are dioritic dykes and minor intrusions, as well as mafic microgranular enclaves (MMEs). MBPC Jurassic-aged rocks exhibit arc-like geochemical signatures, as they are LILE- and LREE-enriched and HFSE- and HREE-depleted and display negative Nb-Ta anomalies. The gabbro dykes and intrusions originated from metasomatically enriched garnet-spinel lherzolite (Degree of melting: (Fmel) ~ 15%) and exhibit negative Nd and positive to slightly negative εHf(T) (+3.0 to −1.6). The data reveal that evolution of Middle Jurassic magmatism occurred in two stages: (1) deep mantle-crust interplay zone and (2) the shallow level upper crustal magma chamber. The geochemical and isotopic data, as well as trace element modeling, indicate the parent magma for the MBPC S-type granites are products of upper crustal greywacke (fmel: 0.2), while I-type granites formed by partial melting of amphibolitic lower crust (fmel: 0.25) and mixing with upper crustal greywacke melt in a shallow level magma chamber (Degree of mixing: (fmix): 0.3). Mixing between andesitic melt leaving behind a refractory dense cumulates during partial crystallization of mantle-derived magma and lower crustal partial melt most likely produced the MMEs (fmix: 0.2). However, enriched and moderately variable εNd(T) (-3.21 – -4.33) and high (87Sr/86Sr)i (0.7085–0.7092) in dioritic intrusions indicate that these magmas are likely experienced assimilation of upper crustal materials. The interpretations of magmatic activity in the MBPC is consistent with the role considered for mantle-derived magma as heat and mass supplier for initiation and evolution of magmatism in continental arc setting, elsewhere.

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Deevsalar, Reza -  Shinjo, Ryuichi -  Liégeois, Jean -  Valizadeh, Mohammad -  Ahmadian, Jamshid -  Yeganehfar, Hadi -  Neill, Iain - 

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Fecha de contribución: 16-dic-2017


* Deevsalar, R., Shinjo, R., Liégeois, J., Valizadeh, M., Ahmadian, J., Yeganehfar, H. and Neill, I. (2017) Subduction-related mafic to felsic magmatism in the Malayer-Boroujerd plutonic complex, western Iran. Swiss Journal of Geosciences , (Accepted for Publication)

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