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OBJECTIVES: To understand lay views on infant size and growth and their implications for a British population. DESIGN: A systematic review of parental and other lay views about the meanings and importance of infant size and growth. DATA SOURCES: Medline, PsychInfo, CINAHL, Sociological abstracts, IBSS, ASSIA, BNI (British Nursing Index) ChildData, Caredata, SIGLE, Dissertation Abstracts (US), Index to Theses. Studies: Nineteen studies, most of which reported the views of mothers, from USA, Canada, UK and Finland. RESULTS: Notions of healthy size and growth were dominated by the concept of 'normality.' Participants created norms by assessing and comparing size and growth against a number of reference points. When size or growth differed from these norms then explanations were sought for factors that would account for this difference. When no plausible explanation could be found growth or size became a worry for parents. CONCLUSIONS: Parents consider the importance of contextual factors when judging what is appropriate or healthy growth. If public health advice is to be effective then lay, as well as scientific, findings and values need to be considered.

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Lucas, P -  Arai, L -  Baird, J -  Kleijnen, J -  Law, C -  Roberts, H - 

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