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The terminal carbido ligand of (Pcy_3)_2(Cl)_2RuC coordinates to other metal centers in a σ-donor fashion, as in (Pcy_3)_2(Cl)_2Ru≡C–Pd(Cl)_2(Sme_2) and (Pcy_3)_2(Cl)_2Ru≡C–Mo(CO)_5.

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Hejl, Andrew -  Trnka, Tina M. -  Day, Michael W. -  Grubbs, Robert H. - 

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* Hejl, Andrew and Trnka, Tina M. and Day, Michael W. and Grubbs, Robert H. (2002) Terminal ruthenium carbido complexes as σ-donor ligands. Chemical Communications, 2002 (21). pp. 2524-2525. ISSN 1359-7345

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