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Primary prevention and health promotion actions bring varied effects which do not always correspond to expectations of those who implement them. The source of that discrepancy might be seek in the diversification of people’s attitudes towards institutional actions aiming at the change of their behaviour. People’s attitudes towards primary prevention and health promotion institutional actions and their determinants have not been of much interest to researchers so far. This is why the current knowledge of them is exceptionally poor. The purpose of this article is to present the design of the research project “Lay meanings of health and life orientations of Poles and the attitudes towards prevention and health promotion” conducted by Institute of Cardiology in Warsaw. The project’s aim is to identify attitudes towards institutional educational actions being undertaken within primary prevention and health promotion area, and most of all to recognize their determinants and to assess the frequency of their occurrence.

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Lignowska, Izabella -  Borowiec, Agnieszka -  Słońska, Zofia -  Makowska, Marta - 

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