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The effects of shock dynamics on compressibility of indirect-drive ignition-scale surrogate implosions, CH shells filled with D[superscript 3]He gas, have been studied using charged-particle spectroscopy. Spectral measurements of D[superscript 3]He protons produced at the shock-bang time probe the shock dynamics and in-flight characteristics of an implosion. The proton shock yield is found to vary by over an order of magnitude. A simple model relates the observed yield to incipient hot-spot adiabat, suggesting that implosions with rapid radiation-power increase during the main drive pulse may have a 2× higher hot-spot adiabat, potentially reducing compressibility. A self-consistent 1-D implosion model was used to infer the areal density (ρR) and the shell center-of-mass radius (R[subscript cm]) from the downshift of the shock-produced D[superscript 3]He protons. The observed ρR at shock-bang time is substantially higher for implosions, where the laser drive is on until near the compression bang time (“short-coast”), while longer-coasting implosions have lower ρR. This corresponds to a much larger temporal difference between the shock- and compression-bang time in the long-coast implosions (∼800 ps) than in the short-coast (∼400 ps); this will be verified with a future direct bang-time diagnostic. This model-inferred differential bang time contradicts radiation-hydrodynamic simulations, which predict constant 700–800 ps differential independent of coasting time; this result is potentially explained by uncertainties in modeling late-time ablation drive on the capsule. In an ignition experiment, an earlier shock-bang time resulting in an earlier onset of shell deceleration, potentially reducing compression and, thus, fuel ρR.

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Hicks, D. G. -  Dewald, E. L. -  Robey, H. F. -  Rygg, J. R. -  Meezan, N. B. -  Friedrich, S. -  Bionta, R. -  Olson, R. -  Atherton, J. -  Barrios, M. -  Bell, P. -  Benedetti, R. -  Berzak Hopkins, L. -  Betti, R. -  Bradley, D. -  Callahan, D. -  Casey, D. -  Collins, G. -  Dixit, S. -  Döppner, T. -  Edgell, D. -  Edwards, M. J. -  Glenn, S. -  Glenzer, S. -  Grim, G. -  Hatchett, S. -  Jones, O. -  Khan, S. -  Kilkenny, J. -  Kline, J. -  Knauer, J. -  Kritcher, A. -  Kyrala, G. -  Landen, O. -  LePape, S. -  Lindl, J. -  Ma, T. -  Macphee, A. -  Meyerhofer, D. -  Moody, J. -  Moses, E. -  Nagel, S. R. -  Nikroo, A. -  Pak, A. -  Parham, T. -  Petrasso, R. D. -  Prasad, R. -  Ralph, J. -  Ross, J. S. -  Sangster, T. C. -  Sepke, S. -  Spears, B. -  Springer, P. -  Tommasini, R. -  Town, R. -  Weber, S. -  Wilson, D. -  Zacharias, R. - 

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[References] http://dx.doi.org/10.1063/1.4900621
[References] Physics of Plasmas

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* 1070-664X
* 1089-7674
* Zylstra, A. B. et al. “The Effect of Shock Dynamics on Compressibility of Ignition-Scale National Ignition Facility Implosions.” Physics of Plasmas 21, 11 (November 2014): 112701 © 2014 AIP Publishing

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